A postmortem of my 6 Games in 6 Days Jam #3

Day 3 Game 3 Ducktales

This is where things are getting interesting. I had a lot to learn on that day with 2D collision and handling, which in unity I never did before and all those little notches that come to play if you want to make this in an engine that still believes you are trying to make a game in 3D space. As I have not worked much in Unity on 2D I can’t really point to the problems and differences, but at times it really looked like I must swim against the stream to get the mechanics working.

I’m glad that at the end the two-important mechanics I picked for implementing give the games inspiration away. I never did 2D animation bevor and I think of my sprite not really as art, but it looks just okay enough to get the idea across. „DanDug“ the working title I gave my little Mario looking sprite, has the ability to pogo upwards of objects and enemies. This and the slide mechanic by going a screen up and down where the key hints I tried to bring into the game.

I worked maybe the longest on the polishing part, so that everything got a nice distinguished tone even if I only worked with 5 colors (more shades) and implementing the life in the battery display on the left.

Its unbalanced and has no real goal or fun in it yet, but I personally got a look into the mechanics of an old school platformer, and a great feeling for getting a insight on something I could see me program completely or partially in the future.

To not walk to much away from the premise of this post, here just a little excurse into my perspective on ‚good gameplay‘ and ‚fun‘:

Fun is a strange thing. Often than not I struggle with my games to find something that lets me interpret it as ‚Fun‘. I’m a bit of an workaholic when it comes to fun I think. Games like Factorio or DinnerDuo are giving me a fix I desperately search in other games. But I also enjoy more mainstream titles like Uncharted or Halo. So, if that gives me excitement, I should at least reverse engineer where that comes from, or not? Well, I think fun is a fluctuating value you can’t control entirely. As a good example: I don’t think my Ducktales clone is any fun at all. I think it’s boring, wonky and kind of Brocken. But that wasn’t the point as I build it. I wanted to explore the mechanics, not the balancing. And that’s what it all boils down to. Fun is more than often a settler that comes when you build a house and work to do for him … as far as my bad CesarIII metaphor goes. What I mean is, that fun could (maybe) set in when I worked further onto balancing, level design and fixing issues with the movement.

Day 4 Game 4 Lego RockRaiders (Ps1 version)

Well… I kind of thought that would be too much for one day and that was the in fact the case. I wanted to focus on the digging mechanic which lets you break walls to gain access to new areas in the game. It’s kind of a ingénues illusion by rearranging the ground mesh. The secondary focus for my day was a player controller that could enter vehicles and drive them around. Needless to say that I didn’t get to that part.

So, mesh generation with code … it’s kind of hard.

I won’t get to much into detail but its save to say you have to take some time learning how meshes work, how you can define and manipulate them, before you can even consider generating them by algorithms.

Also, I had kind of a low at the day. Starting every day over was for me a crushing experience. I only can comparison it with writer’s block, as a writer that loses every day his entire progress. Its nerve-racking, maybe that’s just me, but I felt exhausted at day 4. Funny that I would say Day 3 was my motivation peek, and day 4 ’nearly‘ my motivational low.

I made a little graph for that. It’s in no way scientific but … I like visualization… so let me go with it!


I sat through some tutorials, read a lot of mesh generation, got way to much caffeine into me and at the end of the day I was tired and had an mesh I could control points individually via the Inspector in playtime. I’m still kind of proud of coming that far, but it was not a success. Just an entire disaster neither.


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