A postmortem of my 6 Games in 6 Days Jam #4

Day 5 Game 5: Need for Speed Underground

Let’s Finish this. Writing this article im thinking „No one will read this crap. Especially in your broken English. Learn English stupid, and then try again!“ … and that was kind of like my thinking for Day 5.

I optimistically build some prototype blocks from an GoogleMap picture to have a city layout to drive through and even gave the city some ground leveling. But then as I looked into Unity’s wheel collider and found there is so much more to learn, I kind of gave up.

Yes, I’m not proud of Day 5, it was crap, I could have done it better, but I just got depressed. I hit a crunch time effect by day 4 and at day 5 I gave up to it…

Day 6 Experiment 1

This was not a Game that existed before. I decided at the beginning Day 6 would be my own thing. And it was, except it broke later and I still didn’t got up to come around and fix it. It worked as I tested it, and that was for my motivation enough to call it a day.

So, what did I do?

I made a persistent object, which tracked if a game is open or Game 6 would be started. Then I deleted the camera and projected this persistent camera to the player, so I could control which camera is the main and which goes to a render texture I had set up as a plane in the room.

The Plane, and that is the main part, should then render the view of an simultaneously loaded scene which was one of the five previous games. So I would have a gallery of arcades with all five games inside. It worked for Wombat Stein, but I didn’t go further through to the lack of motivation.

Why it broke afterwards I have no clue.


So those are the 6 Days I challenged myself to. It wasn’t as easy and fun as it thought, but I got them over somehow and I’m proud that I did that.

I really would love to write some big paragraph at the end, talking about what an expirience this was and how much I learned, but thinking of it already wrote about as good as everything of interest, at least what I could think of.

I would love to answer questions to this challenge and see that neither this nor the challenge will be unseen as I think it will.

So that where a lot of I’s. So let me Thank ‘you’ for joining my journey through those 6 Days.

If you come this far, and you don’t want to crucify me for my broken English, I would love to hear from you 🙂


I’m Dan Dragon

and this was „A Postmortem of my 6 Games in 6 Days“

Thank you for reading!

If i didn't bored you to death, maybe you would be so kind and share my story with others? :3

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