A postmortem of my 6 Games in 6 Days Jam #2

Day 1 Game 1: Wolfenstein 3D

as one of the first, and maybe the genre defining first-person-shooter Wolfenstein3D was a pick I made, to start up easy into the week. The year just started, and I returned to university after the holidays just this week. So, time management was in a bad state from the start, I figured. Less the core mechanic, but much more its simple maze-like level structure and the implementation of sprites as 3D objects was my focus on this project. I know this is not a topic you tackle in a 3D oriented engine like Unity, and it would be far more impressive if I would try to make an real pseudo3D project for this, but for a start I thought it would be okay – and to be honest: I still think it is.

I implemented the Sprites, wrapped my head around an first person script and came to my key feature, which ended up being not actually visible for the player, the level generation.

for this I used a picture which I let read out over a script to populate every color with an specific object. Black is for walls, Red for enemies and transparent pixels are ignored completely. This gave me a nice and fast level editor.

The project was simple. I was finished after an IT lesson I actually didn’t listen to, because most of the topics I learned a year before. My pixel art is simply horrible – I’m actually really proud that the walls are not completely looking shit – and all in all it could’ve needed some polish.

not that much to say about this else.


Day 2 Game 2 Freelancer

So, this was a nightmare for me. I woke up, looked on my phone because I had overslept and realized todays lessons was canceled – sometimes you just need luck. Then I realized I had to work on a space fighter today and I got really afraid of not implementing this fascinatingly easy flight mechanic and interface Freelancer had.

I ended up not implementing all I wanted. There was a docking sequence I would have loved to put into the game and the shooting is just a joke. But all in all, the games feel and looks are sometimes eerie similar to the original, so I gave it a pass.

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