A postmortem of my 6 Games in 6 Days Jam #1

So, I decided to make 6 Games each in a timespan of one day, for the entirety of the last week. I thought, even with the lessons on my university I have to attend, it would be nice to put some extra effort into my experience as a beginner in game development.

To clarify some things from start: This postmortem is not an excuse nor a way to justify anything that wasn’t as good as I anticipated. I simply want to go over my experience and especially describe the idea behind every games mechanic. It’s far too easy to overlook the games (the later once in particular) and to conclude ‚yeah, this guy sucks hard and we have to expect some really shitty Unity games from him in the future‘. So, let me comfort you with this: None of the games I made are seen as games by me. Those are barely prototypes. This also should be clear through the nature of this jams topic.


The Rules are.

It started with an idea to get some use to actually doing something. I got the last couple of month used to just rapidly learn new concepts without really implementing them. In many cases someone would tell you that is a huge waste of time and I only learn to forget more than I can remember of the things I heard from. Programming is learning by doing. And I kind of understand and respect that way of thinking, but I don’t think learning a concept you don’t actually use immediately is completely bad. So, the idea was to choose a simple topic that lets me rapidly make some games and get used to develop a game every day. I came up with this idea:

the game I make should be a game that already exists, and I like.

It was important for me to replicate something that seems lost in time. A game that I played and keep being nostalgic for. I wrote some notes on post-its and after I looked into them I recognized that almost all of them had a mechanic that seems lost in the past – at least in some way. My focus was not to only replicate this game as a prototype, more I wanted to let the player guess through implementing the core idea and mechanics into the game, which titles the games are inspired to.


so long story short.

I will go over every game, its inspiration, their core mechanic and its implementation and my time management and difficulties I had with the project. That’s a lot of stuff so let’s jump right in, shall we?


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